[clustervisor-announce] ClusterVisor 1.24.04-3717 Released

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Tue Apr 2 13:35:12 CDT 2024

The first April release of ClusterVisor is now in our repository for
download and mainly provides bug fixes resolved after the large 1.24.x
release from the end of February.

Release Notes:

   - Added more debugging to cv-upgrade
   - Fixed bug in cv-slurmadm when generating REST key
   - Fixed bug when clearing the migrate stats alert after upgrading to
   - Patched cv-clientd to be more resilient to handling cv-serverd going
   offline in the middle of initializing client
   - Fixed distro scoping bug in cv-upgrade when pushing tool to clients
   - Fixed bug in web interface that prevented renaming keyed dictionary
   - Added patch to cv-cp for supporting FIPS mode when enabled
   - Fixed orphaned alerts not being cleared when devices are deleted
   - Fixed edge case bug in cv-upgrade if clustervisor-breakin was installed
   - Fixed cv-migrate to work for 1.24.x
   - Fixed bug causing file sync not to work
   - Added notice about running stat migration to fix monitoring alerts
   - Patched cv-upgrade to support offline clusters
   - Fixed minor bug in config plugin system when disabling plugins
   - Improved handling of incomplete rack layout entries after performing

If you have any feedback, questions, or concerns about any of these changes
or something you think should be added please reach out to us at
support at advancedclustering.com
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