[clustervisor-announce] ClusterVisor 1.23.05-2347 Released

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Thu May 4 16:17:10 CDT 2023

This is the first May 2023 release of ClusterVisor and mainly includes
adding support for a later version of MongoDB and some bug fixes.

Release Notes:

   - Added support for latest version of MongoDB in EL9
   - Remove dependency of MongoDB toolchain in cv-db-image
   - Fixed edge case bug in sudoers config plugin to ensure config file
   always has the valid permissions set
   - Removed implicit stat plugin disabling when commands fail to execute
   - Added power supply metrics from IPMI to ipmi stat plugin
   - Fixed bug in API call /stats/dump_stats introduced in 1.23.04-2316
   - Fixed bug in cv-db-image for new --merge feature to better handle rack
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