[clustervisor-announce] ClusterVisor 1.23.05-2385 Released

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Tue May 30 15:02:40 CDT 2023

This is the last May 2023 release of ClusterVisor and mainly includes some
quality of life improvements.

Release Notes:

   - Improves startup time of cv-serverd by an order of magnitude
   - Added network.target to CV daemon systemd unit files to ensure network
   is up before they start on boot
   - Slight typo bug in cv-authsync
   - Fixes bug in cv-installer for EL9 for handling multiple re-runs of
   command with new MongoDB support
   - Fix Lmod config plugin to only run when Lmod is installed on the client
   - Command-line utilities no longer attempt to needlessly re-create the
   /clustervisor directory
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